Concerts I Wish I Could’ve Been At: Part 1

Pearl Jam – Pinkpop – June 8th 1992

eddie 1

It’s the iconic photo turned poster that every other dude had hanging on his dorm room wall. Eddie Vedder soaring through the air like a beautiful grunge angel into a crowd of accepting mortals. Riding the high of the success of their debut album Ten, the band came out swinging. Playing all their now huge hits. Opening with “Even Flow” and not letting up until Eddie gave a heartfelt speech to the Dutch fans. They end their regular set with “Porch” which turns into a glorious jam session which included a lot of jumping, kicking, playing each other’s instruments and of course Eddie climbing a camera tower, flying into the crowd and emerging as a legend. Every Pearl Jam fan wishes they could have been there and I am no exception.


Red Hot Chili Peppers – Slane Castle – August 23rd 2003


John Frusciante looked like Jesus with holy fingers, Flea was wearing a skeleton onesie, Kiedis was ripped as always doing weird body contusions and Chad was slamming the tubs looking like Will Ferrell. All 80,000 people in attendance that night got one hell of a show. They mixed in some awesome covers (“Havana Affair – Ramones) along with their hits. They extended songs with bad-ass outros, took turns soloing and Flea even played a trumpet. I bought the DVD in high school and still watch it at least once a year. They were flawless that night and I would have loved to have witnessed it even if I was one of the unlucky folk in the way back.


Shout out to YouTube for allowing us to experience these concerts and dream about being there.


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