Concerts I Wish I Could’ve Been At: Part 2

Oasis – Live in Manchester, Manchester (2005)Oasis 2

The brothers Gallagher and the rest of Oasis ignited their home town of Manchester with a 15 song set. This was towards the end for what was the band Oasis, but coming back to their home city brought something out of them that people hadn’t seen for a while. The beginning of the concert was actually stopped because the barrier keeping the fans in the pit from the stage broke. The fans were all in…

Oasis 3

Performing their big hits with the fans singing along probably motivated the band even more. With an encore and a cover of the “The Who’s – My Generation” to finish the night, I believe that the always feuding Noel and Liam Gallagher were able to perform close to their best. Oasis please come back….

Rage Against the Machine – Live at SWU, Brazil (2010)RATM 2

RATM is a timeless band. The words of Zack De La Rocha about political activism and equality are more important than ever. The way the band can blow the speakers of a stage while still telling a story is incredible. Opening the show with “Testify” and closing with “Bullet in the Head”, the crowd never stopped and was raging themselves.RATM 1

The PA system went down towards the end of the set so Zack decided to spit a freestyle that kept the crowd engaged. RATM has always been a band that I would love to see live. The energy the guys bring and the meaning behind the words is something special.

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