Why…”The Huckleberry”?

We settled on this name after several minutes of discussion; yes, a long time. To put it simply, “I’m your Huckleberry” is the greatest quote from one of the greatest movies of all time: Tombstone. If you haven’t seen that beauty of a movie, first, you’re an idiot. Second, go see it. When I first saw Val Kilmer take his cigarette out of his mouth and mumble those words to Johnny Ringo, I was hooked. I mean look at that wink…

Let me explain the scene to set you up for the epic line. Johnny Ringo, being fed up with the law man Wyatt Earp’s demolition of the cowboys, challenges him to a duel out in the woods. Wyatt accepts the challenge. However Doc Holliday, Wyatt’s homie, decides to take on Johnny Ringo himself. It was widely known that Doc and Johnny had the 2 fastest guns in the old west. OMG can you feel the anticipation. Doc meets Ringo without letting Wyatt know and take the burden on himself because he’s a bro. Here’s the scene…

So according to Urban Dictionary, which is a completely accredited source, the term “I’m You’re Huckleberry” is defined as: I’m what/who you’re looking for. We thought that would be a perfect title to our blog in that we have a wide variety of nonsense so we’re what you’re looking for. It also sounds like a 1920’s gazette in some small town in Mississippi.  So we settled on ‘The Huckleberry’ to represent the various amounts of gibberish we write; which is a lot.

Consider us your Huckleberry…




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